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Wounded Warrior Career Development Program

For military personnel with combat-related disabilities

The Sandia National Laboratories Wounded Warrior Career Development Program (WWCP) provides unique limited-term employment in support of national security missions while acquiring career enabling skills through training and mentoring. WWCP participants that sustain excellent job performance have the potential to transition to regular full-time employment.


The WWCP has established a number of goals that will be used to identify, recruit, hire, and train disabled military personnel who meet program criteria. The goals are to:

  • Provide activities to develop and refine career enabling skill sets that support Sandia's national security missions
  • Support additional education (flexible work schedules may be negotiated)
  • Provide a comprehensive support system
  • Coordinate program benefits and services through multiple agencies in a collaborative atmosphere
  • Coordinate professional, individualized functional training, guidance, and support to help participants successfully transition from a military career to a civilian career


Modeled after the successful Oracle Wounded Warrior program that has produced a number of top performers for Oracle, military veterans who are accepted into Sandia's WWCP will be expected to:

  • Contribute to Sandia National Laboratory's national security missions
  • Actively pursue appropriate college education while in the program (achieving an advanced degree is desired)
  • Continue to develop and refine job related skills through training
  • Engage in executive-level mentoring
  • Share experiences to improve understanding of combat theater and enhance connections with Sandia work
The WWCP is designed as a multi-year program to hire new Wounded Warriors (WWs) for the program each year. The program is for limited-term (1-3 years) employment and is not an internship. Rather it involves a support structure to facilitate the WW's successful transition from military to civilian life. Annual hiring into the WWCP will depend on Laboratory workloads, funding sources, and the limitations of collaborative partners. We estimate an annual hiring plan of 5 to 10 WWs.